Technical equipment in combination with human labor is irreplaceable.

The main goal of our company is to sew a perfect suit, which would bring you closer to perfection. This is achieved and guaranteed not only by qualified employees and high-quality fabrics but also by prestigious brands of manufactory equipemnt.

Design of cutting documents, model design, parts construction and positioning is realized by using electronic system Invesmark futura. Parts are then gradually cut using automaton Invesmark, underglued on fixation press Kannegieser. At Accord, we use the most recent automatons from companies such as Juki, Pfaff, Durkopp and Mayer. Modern ironing presses Brisay and Macpi serve the mid-production and final ironing.

The cutting automat LECTRA ensures precise cut material parts, together with slits and marks, which we put together later during the product’s sewing process to ensure high quality sewing.

Chest juncture unsewing automaton. By using this machine, we ensure maximum precision in juncture unsewing and thus the symmetry of both left and right sides of the product

Vector plotters for quick and precise cut outs of cut parts. Part of the manufacture process are important cutting and partitioning patterns, with which we achieve perfect shapes when using checked and striped materials.

Suit’s side-pocket presewing automat. Perfect accuracy, symmetry and variety of different types of pockets is achieved within minutes by chaning a program or swift swapping of parts.

Suit lapel sewing machine. “Hand” sewn reinforcing material sewn into suit’s lapel, with automated tilt of reinforcing material inside the lapel for its perfect fit.

Hand crafted frontal parts with use of stitching machines with creating a dome-like effect in the chest part for high comfort wear. Important process for every experienced professional from the Italian school technicians.

View at suit’s inside features with different linings. For differentiation, we create various internal features by colours, number of internal pockets, with the use of different linings and embroidery.

Another important element of high quality Italian technology is the elastic lining sewing to the bottom suit’s underlay by using the “blind-stitch”. We are also using modern equipment from the Mayer and Union Special.

One of the preferred options is creating functional button-up holes of suit’s sleeves. Buttons are an important part of a product and the proper ones are not made of plastic but anther. These usually come with 4 drilled holes.

Machine sewn buttons. The machine is used in the loop button sewing process, which are used with lounge suits. For our customers we can prepare and sew beaded buttons, same goes for metal and bombé buttons.

Quilting machine AMF – hand-sewn imitation. Backstitch made by this special machine is convenient not only for casual products but also for classic and lounge suits. By setting up the stitche’s length, we can create stitches from 1-2 mm.

Embroidering machine for producing embroideries and monograms. This machine is primarily used in manufacturing tailor-fit products, where our customers requests their initials to be sewn onto the product. In special customer requests, we are also using a machine for serial orders (company logos, mottos etc.).

Ironing using the italian line MACPI. Processed materials of variable wool grammage (100,120,130…) and compound materials (wool-cashmere, wool-silk, harilike materials…) require different parameters of ironing, which these programmable presses allow.

Button sewing in the trouser seating and codpiece parts to allow for attaching braces.

Produce with us

High technology level of processed products comes from the ability of modernizing company’s operations based on the newest trends and customer requests. Yearly we produce 1700 pieces of new jackets and trousers models. Every product is verified by a strict technical control, which assures only the highest quality.

25 years on the market speaks for itself.

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