ACCORD’s production program which guarantees highest quality.

Whether you want to produce mode, whole line or simply release the pressure from your own production line, we are ready to accomodate to our client’s most difficult needs. With the use of our know-how we produce quality suits that you can proudly sell under your own brand. We are equipped with top-notch equipment and production capacity of 250 suits per day, we keep to our promised deadlines and take care of shipping even before order‘s finalization.

  • Fitting room
  • Cutting room
  • Jacket workshop
  • Trousers workshop
  • Ironing room

This workstation makes a customer’s request reality. With the use of drawing softwares, the whole design-style solution of a requested model is prepared. After desiging the separate parts, they are placed in a postion which vouches for efficient material usage. Positions prepared this way are then moved to shearing automatons and cutting room.

The cutting room shapes a piece of material into separate parts needed for production. Each piece is carefully controlled and prepared into the closing room. We are using multiple modern technologies such as cutting automatons, fixation presses are used along with the manual ability of our employees, who masterfully work with scissors and manual cutters (for example in fitting of checked and striped materials).

Jacket workshop processes parts prepared in the cutting room. Different types and cut solutions along with the usage of modern technologies in combination with hand-shaping for flawless cushiness and featheriness of a product.

An inherent part of each gentleman are trousers. This why we manufacture this type of product at the trousers workshop. As with other workshop, we also use modern technologies and manual finesse of our employees when producing different kinds of trousers, be it social, suit, casual or knee breeches. Each type is specific with its specialty and accessories (pockets, stripes, ellipses..), which we precisely based on our customer’s request craft into each product.

Our final step brings our products to life. We will make sure that the thorough hand shaping of the product is put to good use. The press fittings are fixed to required shapes for perfect feel and look of the final product. The manual expertise of people who pay extra care to each detail and fix any technical issues (inserts, dints) is mandatory as well. After ironing, the product goes through final technical check and is stored at our warehouse from where it is shipped to our customers.

Sales and manufacture experience

The Accord company is based in Trenčín and our creative “apprenticeship” period was closely tied to Clothes manufacture (later Ozeta), where our employees worked on managing and production positions. Experience earned from both sales and manufacture are now being realized in our Accord workshops. Our production started by using the German sticky technology, but furthermore we are moving towards applying the Italian hand-shaped technology and creative adjustment to the suit’s line directly on our customer’s figure.

We are equipped with top-notch technical equipment

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