Men’s fashion

ACCORD specializes in production and distribution of men’s clothing ranging from suits, jackets and coats through trousers. The company’s clientele consists of wholesalers as well as retailers across the globe. Our business activities are realized via our business group, which is a team of professionals who are ready to assist our customers not only with processing of their production requests but also with model designs and sellable collections.


We cooperate with partners from countries such as England, Germany, Italy, Finland or Russia.

During formation of our company, our main focus was American and Canadian market. In a short span of time, our company gained high reputation and swath of experience, thanks to which we today cooperate with partners from countries such as England, Germany, Italy, Finland or Russia. You can see our products in brand stores across Slovakia, Hungary and Czechia. Our products are sold with our own branding for different purposes.

Our brands

  • Matteo Bernetti
  • GoodSon
  • Profistyle

Matteo Bernetti offers sewing of tailor fit elegant men’s fashion. With their precise craftsmanship, it interests anyone who seeks suits, jackets, trousers or coats of italian quality.

Open Matteo Bernetti

Accord - Pavol Hamel v obleku Matteo Bermetti

The brand GoodSon offers affordable and elegant fashion for young. It was created from love for fashion, music and fine arts. This brand offers slim fit suits, jackets, trousers and t-shirts. 

Open GoodSon

Profistyle is a brand focused on manufacture of occupational clothing. Products made out of resistant material guarantee professional looks, comfort and a chance to differentiate yourselves from competition using creative details.

Open Profistyle


Pierre Cardin, Perry Ellis, Daniel Hechter a Kenzo

Our focus is primarily perfection, which is why we were chosen for realizing of collections by prestigious brands such as Pierre Cardin, Perry Ellis (US Export), Daniel Hechter and Kenzo (French export) or Otto Berg (Russian export).

In Slovakia and Czechia, our company works for brands such as Blažek or Pietro Filipi. Our services are used by well-known designers: Bent Angelo Jensen (Germany) and William Hunt (England).

Our suits are produced at complexly equipped production lines

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